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Creativia was founded in Finland by Miika Hannila in 2012. Today, they are a fully remote team based in the US, Australia, Finland and India. Their community-oriented, results-driven approach to publishing is reflected in their high author happiness and strong sales record.

Marsha Lee Henry died on a Friday. She took her own life at Dignitas, the Swiss euthanasia clinic, after being diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a rare disease that meant various parts of her body would turn to bone when damaged. She was beyond finding Dignitas creepy; she simply wanted to die. Enough was enough. She’d taken years of it, years of her body slowly turning to bone, trapping her, encasing her. She may as well have been turning to stone, like somebody who had looked into Medusa’s eyes. She had filled out the Dignitas forms at home, passed their tests and been accepted. She had won the right to end her own life.”


“My childhood was not a normal one, but of course I only know that now. We lived in a rented state house in Kaiti, with three wrecked Holdens parked abandoned in the drive. A couple of pit bulls kept guard. There were always gang members loitering around the house, chucking their empty beer cans wherever it suited them. I used to try and clean up but I was fighting a losing battle.”

Marsha’s Deal will soon be available on Amazon. Taking Wainui is out now on Google Play and Amazon.

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